Building a home PC step 1 — Choosing an operating system

os_comparisonHead on over to the projects page to see the first step in building a home PC: choosing an operating system. Also our Fractals & Photography sections and Hardware & Software reviews have been started. As always feel free to leave questions, comments, or suggestions.




Welcome to the launch of ! I grew up during the rapid growth of personal computing. I started on the green screen apples (I’m sure many readers can reminisce of much earlier times). Ever since the time of dial-up modems I have been embarking on a journey of self taught computing. While I enjoyed the learning experience thoroughly, I understand that many people have an interest but need some guidance. I hope to save the common reader some of the tribulations of trial and error while preserving the spirit of do it yourself. My goal is to present a series of projects that are extremely detailed so even a newbie can complete them without frustration. At the moment I plan on covering: building a home PC, choosing an operating system, networking tips and tricks, choosing a Linux distribution, installing Linux for Mac and Windows users, Ubuntu tips, Gnome Tweaks, command line essentials, plug computers, building a PVR, making a RAID server, using a firewall distribution, and rooting/custom roms for Android phones. Many of these subjects may be unfamiliar but don’t worry I will explain their utility in a home setting. In addition to the projects section I have a few pages devoted to some of my general interests. I have a section to post my generated fractals along with some tutorials on making your own. I have a section highlighting some of my best photographs. Finally, I will have sections promoting some interesting software and gadgets. Please feel free to comment. In the future I want to add some additional contributors but for now please keep in mind that this is a one man website. Thanks for taking part in my latest project making a website! I look forward to the many discussions to come.